Science Carnival

The Science Carnival is an active testing ground for our students to test their practical knowledge in the field of Science.

The aim of our Science Carnival is to get as many akshayans as possible actively involved in engaging science and appreciate & enjoy the wonders of Science. We want to provide a real platform for our budding scientists to make their career and profession in science. Our students get involved in some mind-blowing and explosive fun with Science. Since our science carnival is visited by hundreds of students and staff of reputed engineering and Arts colleges in the district, our students get an opportunity to interact with all of them as well as their own peers.

The science carnival is challenging for our students because they not only learn how to think scientifically but also have to present the information in a written, oral, and graphic format. This requires a lot of higher-level cognitive process. Obviously, a science carnival project solidifies the learning process and enhances a student’s composition, speech, science and math skills.

The Science Carnival is conducted every year for two consecutive days in the month of October. Many eminent Men and Women in our locality have really been awed by the experiments performed by our budding professionals.