Admission Process

  1. The first step in admitting your ward in Akshaya is to visit the school office and register your ward's name for the entrance examination.
  2. You will have to provide a few details about your ward such as his/her Full name, Address, Contact number, Date of Birth etc. to our office staff for the registration.
  3. Upon registering, you will be receiving a Hall ticket for the examination and a school prospectus.
  4. The date and time of the entrance examination would be printed on the Hall ticket. Kindly make sure that your ward attends the entrance exam on the mentioned date and time.
  5. Admission is done purely on merit and vacancy. Mere registration does not guarantee admission. Also, no such factors as religion, caste, gender, place of origin etc. are involved in the admission process. The only factor involved in the admission process is your ward's performance in the entrance examination. Kindly make sure he/she does it to the best of his/her ability.
  6. The entrance exam would test your ward in English and Mathematics of his/her previous grade. For example, if your ward seeks admission for grade 7, then he/she would be tested in English and Mathematics of Grade 6.
  7. Upon clearing the entrance examination, there would be a personal interview with you and your ward before the admission.
  8. Kindly ensure that you submit your ward's Transfer certificate from the school he/she last attended and his/her certificate of Proof of birth at the time of admission.
  9. And finally, the school reserves the right to accept or reject any application for admission without assigning any reason.

NEW: You can now register your ward online for the entrance examination without having to visit the school office. After you register online, you will receive the Hall Ticket for the entrance examination via email within a day or two. Kindly make sure that you produce a print out of the hall ticket at the time of entrance examination.