Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Learning should be an enjoyable never ending process. In recent times, too much importance is given to marks and grades that more often than not, students do not experience the joy of learning. “Learning to Learn” is an inherent part of the school culture. I, with my wonderful team of teachers strive to teach students by creating curiosity. In the process, we believe we make a lasting impression in the minds of students in whatever they learn.

“A sound mind cannot be sound unless it resides in a sound body”. We are proud to have some of the best facilities for sports and games in our district. Akshayans are given ample opportunities to participate in sport and games. With dedicated instructors for individual games, we ensure that our students are trained the proper way.

“Mere Book is no Education”. We firmly believe schooling is not just learning through books. Therefore, our Akshayans are given a plethora of activities to cultivate leadership, social & communication skills. An array of extracurricular activities and events are promoted in the school. This provides a tremendous platform for the children to groom their soft skills and improve their confidence levels.

"Learning to Learn", good physique, excellent soft skills - This summarises what we do at Akshaya.